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Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is an ancient practice that originated in Japan. The words ‘rei’ and ‘ki’ in Japanese refer to the universal life energy that flows all around us. Reiki practices the laying of hands on people to focus this life force for healing, balancing the energies inside our bodies to promote health and wellbeing.
I access the life force energy by picturing specific symbols that are used to promote healing. Becoming in tune with this life force takes practice and teaching by a Reiki master. I open up the crown, heart, and palm chakras, which enables them to link to their subject and begin the healing that person needs in their body.
What to Expect from a Reiki Reading.

In a Reiki psychic session, the recipient is seated or laying down. The recipient of the Reiki should be comfortable, clothes, and relaxed. The intention is to speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease negative symptoms that the recipient might be feeling through the transmission of the universal life energy.

Since Reiki is non-invasive, the practitioner will lightly place their hands on locations on the head, front, and back of the recipient’s torso. Sessions can range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the recipient’s situation.
Some Reiki practitioners will use a fixed set of positions with their hands that they use to balance and release energy, while others will let their intuition guide them to what the recipient needs. Reiki recipients often report feeling comforted, relaxed, and some fall into a meditative state during the session.